Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where have I been…?

During the second week of school, the high school-er was asked to the Homecoming dance. She seems to be adjusting fairly well to the bigger crowds, more homework, but she mostly loves the later bedtime!

At the start of the school year we learned that the school our kindergartner attends had a vacancy on the PTA board for the VP of Special events.  Without a person in this position, there was fear that many things the PTA wanted to accomplish this year would not happen.  So I got to thinking, and decided it was something I wanted to do.

Once I was voted onto the board, I was tasked with pulling off the first Donuts with Dads this school ever held.  With no previous event to take numbers from, I was kinda out on a limb.  It turned out to be a smashing success! (Whew!)  But me being me, I had to do a little thank you for the adults (there were some grandpa's there) who decided to show up that morning and make their Cool Spring ‘Penguin’ feel special.

Just a simple bag with a few golf tee’s (I know clichĂ©, but…) and some candy.  Since out mascot is a Penguin, I pulled out the only penguin stamp set I have and fell in love with it!  I knew from the second I looked at it, this was perfect!  I loved the child penguin riding the (in my opinion!) Daddy penguin.  It embodied the bonding that this event gave our kids.


Enjoy <3

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Why I do what I do.

People often ask me once they find out that I love to craft and create, "What is the one project you are most proud of?" My answer is always the same, "My five kids!" They are the reason I have been scrapbooking for so many years. I want to be able to capture their childhood through pictures, and evoke emotion through the art of scrapbooking. I found a wonderful company, Close To My Heart (CTMH), that allows me to do just that. Their breathtaking line of paper packs with coordinating embellishments and stamp sets take the guess work out of scrapping, and they are a huge time saver. And let's be honest, when it's fun it's easier to get a project done. Once I discovered CTMH, I decided to become a consultant so that I am better equipped to share the joy I feel when preserving memories that will be passed on for generations to come.

Another benefit to using Close To My Heart products is the versatility they offer. Not only do you get to create and protect your precious memories by scrapbooking, but you can also use the paper packs and embellishments to create personalized and unique cards as well as sprucing up your home decor. I love having the ability to transform a simple photograph into a piece of art I am proud to display in my home or give as a gift to a special person.

It is not the amount of 'creative talent' but rather the level of interest and passion you possess that will determine what we are capable of accomplishing together. Let me show you how simple, quick and most importantly fun scrapbooking and paper crafting can be.